11 Reasons The Next 2 To 4 Years Spell Out A Horrible Future For America

November 27, 2012 4:05 pmViews: 1699

So all the liberals are happy that Barack Obama has been elected to another 4 years to rule as President of The United States. How exactly that happened and whether or not Obama did it without cheating is another matter, but let's just look at what life will look like in America for the next 2 to 4 years.

If you thought Obama was a radical leftist in his first 4 years, think again, he was just coasting so he could get re-elected and fully implement his socialist agenda for the next 4 years. Now, there will literally be nothing stopping him as he changes the Constitution, goes around the judiciary and usurps Congress with executive order after executive order. The legislation and rules and regulations Obama puts into place in the next 4 years will take a generation or more to undo and many of us will never see the end of Obama's destruction in our lifetimes.

Here are 11 reasons taken from IndependentSentinel.com that the next 2 to 4 years for America could make for a horrible future:

  1. Expect absolutely nothing passed by the House of Representatives to pass in the Senate.
  2. It seems quite reasonable to expect at least one retirement from the Supreme Court and, quite possibly, two within the next two years.
  3. Prepare yourselves for a deluge of government agency regulations, designed and implemented as an end-around to congressional oversight
  4. Look for a much greater expansion of the nanny state approach.
  5. Changes will be made to the present Constitution, or other proclamations issued, which will allow sharia law to be practiced in the United States.
  6. On matters that have immediate impact, keep a close eye on the European Union.  When it finally goes under, make sure your pantry is overloaded because the impact will be devastating to the United States as well.
  7. Immediately following this coming Christmas buying season, watch for the “seasonally adjusted” unemployment numbers to go right back up to, if not higher than, the current dismal numbers.
  8. If you think the price of gasoline is high now, wait until you see what’s in store.
  9. With the collapse of small businesses, many more people will turn to the federal government for relief, which is exactly what socialism is all about.
  10. The prospects for a loyal opposition, especially with Republicans caving in to Obama's clamoring for new taxes, to prevent any of these actions from taking place certainly isn’t promising.
  11. Don’t look for election reform or voter ID laws – at least not at the federal level.  Democrats are not about to destroy the corrupt elections that have them sitting pretty inside the Beltway.

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