12 Year Old Conservative CJ Pearson Slams Obama Over Pathetic Response To Charleston

June 22, 2015 4:29 pmViews: 3603

CJ Pearson President Obama

Young conservative CJ Pearson is not afraid of saying the hard things that voters and especially liberals do not want to hear. And CJ is also not afraid of taking on President Obama and  telling him straight up, he is a fraud. And liberals can't stand it that CJ just happens to be black, which of course goes completely against the liberal game plan.

CJ Pearson came into the spotlight when he did a video taking on President Obama and seeing past his line that he cares about people and loves America. CJ plainly told Obama he doesn't love America and his videos have gone viral.

Now, CJ is taking on President Obama for his pathetic response to the Charleston church massacre and trying to push his agenda of gun control instead of trying to heal a hurting community.

Watch the video below of the well spoken and eloquent CJ Pearson...

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