16 Arrested In UK as Thousands Of Leftists Shamefully Celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s Death

April 16, 2013 12:16 pmViews: 955

Margaret Thatcher protestors

If liberals think the so-called hatred of Barack Obama by "right wingers" is bad here in the United States, you should see what your lefty cohorts across the pond are doing to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher, one of the most honorable politicians the UK has seen since Winston Churchill. While we almost never see conservatives act in such a manner, it is quite usual for liberals who think they are entitled to everything act hateful, all the while condemning others for supposedly hateful thoughts and actions. After all, if you even raise reasonable objections against Barack Obama, you are deemed racist.

While Margaret Thatcher did plenty for the UK such as faced down the Miners Union, shrank the size of government, reduced tax rates across the board, won the Falklands War and helped Ronald Reagan bring down the Soviet empire, not everyone in the UK appreciated that. When you reduce the power of unions from extorting companies for unrealistic wages, that doesn't go over all that well. In the video below you will see an unruly mob of protestors actually celebrating Baroness Thatcher's death with a party like atmosphere, shouting vile chants all the while being quite proud of themselves.

The irony in the video below and with other celebrations we've seen by those enthralled with Margaret Thatcher's death is that many of the participants are not old enough to remember what Thatcher even did, how she ruled and what a graceful lady she was. These protests are a stark contrast to the real person Thatcher actually was.

Unfortunately, the very Socialist practices Thatcher fought so hard against are exactly what are gaining inroads today in both the UK and the United States with socialized medicine, powerful unions and the like. The young clowns in the video participating the the circus like atmosphere know not what they are advocating nor what Thatcher stood for. They are simply the products of decades of liberal elitist university professors and media indoctrination. It is the same disease we face on this side of the pond.

Watch the video below:

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