21 Federal Agencies Working To Implement Obamacare

August 1, 2013 8:11 pmViews: 1745

The Disaster of Obamacare

Where do you suppose President Obama got the funds to pay for 21 federal agencies and departments to implement Obamacare? That's the same question 9 Republican senators want to know. They'd also like to know exactly who those agencies are.

A report out from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said amongst those agencies, although they didn't release the whole list, are the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Education which are each working on programs to fully carry out Obamacare. I think a whole lot of Americans would like to know exactly what the Department of Agriculture, responsible for food and farming and the Department of Education, responsible for indoctrination, are doing promoting President Obama's agenda.

It looks like the president is getting so desperate to get people to actually buy into his signature healthcare law he is resorting using entire branches of government for propaganda. Let's hope some of these 9 Republican Senators get to the bottom of just one more shenanigan cooked up by Barack Hussein Obama.

Read more below from The Washington Examiner:

Thirty-nine Republican senators want to know who the 21 federal agencies helping to implement Obamacare are and what those agencies are doing to promote the program.

A leaked April 2013 slideshow from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said 21 federal agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture and Education, are working on an educational program to implement Obamacare.

That reference prompted the senators’ curiosity.

“At a time federal agency budgets have been tightened by the sequester and the White House has warned of cuts to basic programs, I would like to know how 21 agencies, such as those overseeing agriculture and education, would have the taxpayer dollars to implement and promote the new health care law — an activity outside of their missions and an expense not authorized by Congress,” Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said.

The slides, which were created by CMS’s Health Insurance Marketplace Outreach and Education department, do not name the other 19 agencies involved or what they are doing in the effort.

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