33 Week Pregnant Woman Dies From “Safe And Legal” Abortion In Maryland

February 10, 2013 9:18 pmViews: 2443

Abortion Kills 33 week pregnant Maryland Woman

Many Americans do not realize that there are several places in our country where a woman can kill her baby up until the moment of delivery for any reason. While the exception is always stated "for the life and health of the mother" what the majority of people do not realize is, "life and health" is so loosely defined as to include anything affecting a woman's emotional state. If a woman seeking an abortion simply declares, "I cannot have this baby because it will drive me crazy" that qualifies as a health issue and there is no authority to verify or screen these cases therefore, abortion even minutes before birth, again, for any reason, becomes permissible.

Tragically this past week, a 29-year old woman and her baby died as the result of fatal complications suffered during a botched, "safe and legal" abortion at 33 weeks performed by LeRoy Carhart at Germantown Reproductive Health Center (GRHC) in Germantown, Maryland. The myth of back alley abortions injuring and killing women if abortion were not legal is rendered mute by such a case as this when a so-called legal abortion ends in the death of not just a viable baby, but the mother as well.

Not only is this a horrific tragedy that has ended the life of two human beings, it will never be on any major news website or evening news program and the abortionist may never be held accountable for his actions. It simply does not fit in with the culture of death we live in today and sadly to what we call the state run media, it is not a story worth reporting because it does not fit their agenda of misleading the public.

Read more on this heartbreaking case below from Lifesitenews.com:

The woman, who came for a third trimester abortion from out-of-state, arrived at GRHC on Sunday and was seen by pro-life activists every day through Wednesday. Eyewitnesses said she appeared "pale and weak."

Early Thursday morning, the woman began suffering chest pains and other discomforting symptoms. Her attempts to reach Carhart were unsuccessful.

The woman was taken by her family from her hotel to a nearby hospital emergency room at approximately 5:00 a.m. Efforts by hospital staff to contact Carhart or get informational assistance from the abortion clinic were unsuccessful.

The patient suffered massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity. She slipped into a Code Blue condition approximately six times before finally succumbing to her injuries at around 9:30 a.m. The case has been placed with the Medical Examiner for further investigation.

This tragic incident occurred the same day that another medical emergency took place at a New Mexico abortion clinic involving long-time Carhart associate Shelley Sella. At the time of that incident, a Medical Board in New Mexico was voting to clear Sella of negligence charges, related to a botched third trimester abortion using the same risky late-term abortion method employed by Carhart. This dangerous out-patient abortion process includes long periods of time where the patient is unmonitored while taking strong doses of a drug that causes unpredictable and sometimes violent contractions.

"The avoidable death of this young woman dramatically illustrates the dangers of third trimester abortions that are done outside of the safety of obstetrical standards," said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-life Nation.

"In 2005, Carhart was also involved in the death of Christin Gilbert, who died after a third trimester abortion in Wichita, Kansas. It is time for medical boards to put an end to these horrifically dangerous and barbaric third trimester abortions. If they do not, we can only expect Carhart and his associates to send more women to the morgue."

“Three things need to happen here," said Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. "First, the state of Maryland has to shut down Carhart's killing business. Second, every person who cares about this needs to spread the word immediately about this tragedy, to awaken the consciences of our neighbors. This includes pastors speaking out about the harm abortion does, and it includes all of us telling the stories of those harmed and killed by abortion."

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