7 Barack Obama Facts That Will Make You So Angry Your Head Might Explode

April 15, 2015 10:05 pmViews: 1038

Barack Obama Facts

Here are 7 Barack Obama facts that just might make you so incredibly angry, your head might explode.

1. The Obama Administration and the hands of the Justice Department run by Eric Holder refused to charge Lois Lerner with contempt of Congress - Despite her deleting emails, refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents and emails, and attempting to defend herself in court waving her 5th amendment rights, but refusing to testify to Congress, Obama's Justice Department will not prosecute her.

2. Barack and Michelle Obama made $4.2 million in 2007, the year before Barack was elected as president. Most of that money came from the sale of books. Seriously, how did a mostly unknown community organizer and 1 term Senator who actually only served 14 months make that much money by selling books?

3. Through the end of September 2014 President Obama has attended less that half of his Daily Intelligence Briefings. I'm sure that makes everyone feel safe doesn't it? ISIS, terrorism, economic woes, Russia, Obama can't be bothered with those things, he has golfing to do.

4. While Obama lived In Indonesia he ate snake meat, roasted grasshopper and yes, he even ate dog meat. - Hide yo pets, Obama's in town.

5. Besides winning the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing just a few days after becoming president, Barack Obama also won 2 Grammy's for reading the audio version of his 2 books. Right, Hollywood had no hand in getting Obama elected. Seriously, a Grammy award?

Watch the video to see the last 2...

Did your head explode yet?

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