7 Images That Prove the Obamas’ War on Junk Food is A Bunch of Baloney

April 14, 2014 11:27 amViews: 3424

Michelle Obama eating junk-food

With most of what the Obama's do, you can count on them for utter hypocrisy. While the President flies around the country attacking the rich, the President and First Lady hobnob with Hollywood elites at $37,000 per plate fundraisers and sponsor State Dinners well over half a million dollars for heads of State such as the President of France where the First Lady wore a $12,000 dress.

And when it comes to Michelle Obama's war on junk food, there is of course, incredible hypocrisy there as well. While Michelle talks a good line on nutrition, her hubby Barack is the biggest offender as you will see in the pictures below. But the First Lady is not immune from her love of junk food also as we dug up a couple of pictures of her indulging in junk.

In other words, Michelle Obama's supposed war on junk food is a big bunch of baloney!

And yes, baloney is an actual word.

See the rest of the photos below:

Obama junk food

Obama loves junk food

Obama eats junk food

Michelle Obama junk food

Obama eats junk food every day

Obama loves junk food

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