7 Of The Worst Police Sketches You Will Ever See

July 6, 2015 12:49 pmViews: 605

We've all seen plenty of police sketches that don't seem to match up very well and you look at them and think either, that sketch looks like every person I know, or looks like no human I've ever seen or no human at all.

But sometimes those famous police sketches are really bad as in the 7 examples below. With some of the sketches, it's hard to believe the artist was actually hired to draw suspects because they look like the artist has the talent of a 1st grader.

What's even more amazing, is that as bad as the sketches are, there are a couple of them below that really in truly helped identify the bad guy which we find absolutely amazing.

Here are the 7 worst police sketches you will probably ever lay your eyes on:

1. The weird thing is, this sketch actually helped identify the suspect. We have no idea how.

Police sketch fisherman?

2. This easy going looking guy doesn’t seem to be very worried for a man being accused of battery.

Police sketch easy going dude

Run a background check

3. This sketch is just plain terrible and is this the one feature the victim remembers, that the guy looks to the side?

Police sketch looking to side child drawing

4. This guy looks more like a rock star than a criminal.

police sketch wild hair

5. I want to ask the person giving the description if the perp really had no eyes. Seriously?

police sketch no face

6. Another sketch that looks nothing like the bad guy. Was this drawn by a 6 year old?

Police sketch round head

7. How could you possibly identify anyone from this sketch? It's a head with shiny lips wearing a hat, what?

Police sketch hat no face

criminals banner

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