9 Of The Most Pathetic Obamacare Ads You Will Ever See

November 13, 2013 9:21 pmViews: 2908

You may have seen the Brosurance ads gracing social media circles where keg standing college party guys are making complete asses of themselves, but nonetheless taking comfort that their drunken escapades will be covered by Obamacare. Well, there are more of these ads for the brazenly irresponsible courtesy of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI).

Thanks to the culture of dependency, created by and leading to enough votes to reelect Barack Hussein Obama, we now have a healthcare plan that is being marketed to the lowest common denominators in our society. The message in these ads below and others found on the YouGotInsurance.com website is that you can lead a totally irresponsible lifestyle of partying, drinking, promiscuous sex and other dangerous behaviors and you won't have to worry about that if you got Obamacare. Don't worry, somebody else will pay for it.

Does our clueless President not think behavior like this has possibly lead to higher healthcare costs in the first place? And what does he think continued behavior like this will lead to? The least Barack Obama could do would be to speak out against these ads furthering a culture of irresponsibility and dependency. Oh, but he wouldn't want to diss a majority of his voters, would he?

Have a look at the 9 most pathetic Obamacare ads that you will probably ever see:

1. Yoga ladies: No, yoga is supposed to make your body better, not worse as this ad implies. Don't worry though, you can reach healthy harmony with the Dear Great Leader's Obamacare and all will be well (that is if they ever get the website working).

Got insurance yoga ladies

2. Sex with Ryan Gosling: Did the ad agency get permission for Ryan's image here. Hey girl, I bet you didn't. Anyone know the number of a good intellectual property rights lawyer?

got insurance Ryan Gosling

3. The original keg standing jackasses: This is the ad that started it all. No insurance company in their right mind would insure these fools, that's what Obamacare is for (paid for by you and I).

got insurance college kegger

4. Broken hearted golfer: Go ahead, use them to promote Obamacare, but you know Barack Obama wouldn't dare be seen on the golf course with these losers.

got insurance golf idiots

5. Wine swilling exercise babes: I have yet to see someone with a bottle of wine in the gym. Do they do that in your neck of the woods?

got insurance drink and exercise

6. Table waiting college graduates: Why are these $150,000 college loan owing ladies bragging about waiting tables? Go out and get a decent job. Nice scarf on the waitress in the middle (add $60 to her $150,000 college debt).

got insurance waiting tables

7. Keg perched moron: Nothing else to say but, "keg perched moron."

got insurance kegger

8. Shot guzzling ski bunnies: What's the deal with so much alcohol getting poured here? The higher power in AA is not Barack Obama by the way.

got insurance shots

9. Knife wielding pumpkin carver: I've seen a knife like that in either an Al Qaeda "religion of peace" decapitation video or from a Halloween movie with a ski masked Jason. Can't remember which one. Maybe it was both.

got insurance pumpkin carver

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