A Conservative Response to Liberal YouTube Comments

November 11, 2015 8:09 pmViews: 936

Responding to liberal YouTube comments

All of the social networks are filled with some of the most hateful and utterly intolerant liberal comments you can imagine, but YouTube takes the cake for the most vile, ignorant and flat out disgusting liberal rubbish to grace the internet.

And of course we get tons of hateful comments on our Conservative YouTube channel from liberals of all stripes. Some of the comments from liberals would actually be funny, if they didn't show how incredibly ignorant, uneducated about the issues and uninformed about how government works as these commenters are. However the really scary thing about these people who comment, is that some of them are actually allowed to vote.

I'm beginning to wonder if we should let people even have a voter registration card after they leave their 10th completely out of touch YouTube comment. That of course is satire, so don't you liberals have a cow.

Watch the video below for some great responses to hateful and ignorant liberal YouTube comments...

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