Actor Bill Murray Thinks People Should Be Responsible

October 2, 2012 4:11 pmViews: 253

Not every actor and actress in movieland thinks the solution to every social ill should be government assistance. Some of the Hollywood elite actually do think people should be responsible for their own well being. Actor Bill Murray has much more hard things to say about those that can't take care of themselves than has Mitt Romney in his 47% remarks when Murray said, "I think there's only so many people that can take care of themselves, and can take care of other people. And the rest of the people … they're useful in terms of compost for the whole planet, you know."

Even though Murray made this comment about personal responsibility in an interview with CNBC several months ago in February 2012, no one in the main stream media beat him up as they have with Mitt Romney and what he said on the 47% secret tape recorded when talking to his supporters.

Murray went on to say that the United States is a "pioneer country," but we no longer have that spirit that got us into the old west and to survive. When referring to what it actually took to build our country and to travel into the western wilderness of the United States, he also said, "Occasionally, it seeps in that they came in wagons from Illinois to Oregon or whatever. That they came in wagons and the wheels broke."

What that means is that here we are today not thinking a thing about the 47% of people that pay no federal income tax and somehow we can't even realize we have a problem with the math on a statistic like that. Instead of taking Romney's 47% comments at face value and realizing that the 47% of people not paying into the federal system, won't be interested in a tax cut, an we can't keep letting that statistic get higher if we are going to survive fiscally, the media has to tear Romney apart.

Watch the video of Bill Murray on CNBC back in February 2012 below and realize that finally, someone gets it.

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