After Public Backlash Hawaii Drops Plan To Name Beach Park For Obama

October 12, 2014 3:47 pmViews: 445

Obama body surfing Hawaii Beach Park

In an incident that has the potential to be somewhat embarrassing, perhaps even a bit insulting to sitting President Barack Obama, council members in his home town of Honolulu, Hawaii, have scrapped plans to rename a local beach park in his honor. Apparently city councilman Stanley Chang, along with council chairman Ernie Martin submitted the proposal to officially rename “Sandy Beach Park” to “Barack Obama Sandy Beach Park” and have now withdrawn it.

This beach in the notorious tourist destination of Honolulu is popular among body surfers, among which the president counts himself as one. Pictures has been taken of the commander in chief on his body board while vacationing in the city of his birth.

The Hawaiian news website reports on the explanation of Ernie Martin concerning the decision to suspend efforts to rename the park, saying he cited public backlash against the move. Apparently, nebulous “historic and cultural sensitivity concerns” have been raised about the park, as people have demanded it be allowed to retain its original name. Martin did point out, whether with genuine intent or merely to appear generous to the president, that there may be other public facilities more suitable to honor Obama.

This turn of events may potentially be bad publicity for the president, who stood to see the first public destination in his home state to bear his name be christened. Apparently, it is a well known fact in Hawaii that Obama enjoys body surfing there, leading to council members Chang and Martin proposing the name change.

No word yet on exactly what historic and/or cultural sensitivity concerns prompted the people of Honolulu to react so negatively to the proposal.

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