Al Gore Likens Climate Change Skeptics To Slavery And Apartheid Supporters, Homophobes, Racists

August 22, 2013 10:50 amViews: 4793

Al Gore on climate change

The science is in and the debate is over and you are an apartheid supporting, homophobic racist if you don't fully believe in climate change. That's the mantra being bandied about on the left, and especially in Al Gore's mind, these days when it comes to global warming, which has somehow morphed into "climate change" because there was a cooling period before the last warming period. But of course there was that warming period between 1910 and 1940 before the 1950 to 1970's cooling period.

Okay, apparently the science isn't settled and the debate isn't over and we can't really figure out whether the planet is warming or cooling, but if you don't believe in some kind of climate change as defined by the filthy rich King of the Environment Al Gore, then you are some kind of an uneducated, back woods, redneck with a rusted out 1968 Chevelle up on cement blocks in your front yard. And you are racist too.

This is what climate change has evolved into in the current era. Unless you tow the line of what is politically correct in environmental circles today and don't even ask the simplest questions to clarify the science that is supposedly settled, then you are subject to the most ridiculous ad hominem attacks imaginable such as the one Al Gore just recently leveled in a thinly disguised way. If you are anyone important and even begin to question the current politically correct line of thinking on global warming, you won't get an answer, you will get attacked. If you are a professor, you may lose your job and if you are doing research, you may lose your funding.

While man has done great harm to the environment this past century no doubt, the current climate of climate change is, "Don't ask questions, just accept it as fact!" The battle has become political. It is really no longer about the science, it is about the agenda. It is not about the truth, it is about where the powers that be want this thing to go. Al Gore is one of the powerful and we need to be skeptical of anything this man says.

Read more on Al Gore's diatribe linking climate change and your belief in it to basic questions of right and wrong like slavery and racism from The Washington Post below:

Ezra Klein: But to play the pessimist again, wouldn’t carbon prices in other countries give us a competitive advantage the longer we resist them at home? It seems that if India is taxing fossil fuels and we’re not, that’s a slight edge for us. It’s easy to imagine it becoming a kind of protectionist, save-our-manufacturing-sector issue.

Al Gore: It’s certainly something that can’t be dismissed out of hand. But remember the World Trade Organization rules explicitly allow the recapture of carbon taxes at the border, much in the manner of a value-added tax. The U.S. is in danger if it did not change of being subjected to those recapture provisions. And as the cost curve for renewable electricity continues plunging, the low-cost electricity in the future will be renewables. At Apple, for example, 100 percent of its server farms and headquarters are on renewables, and they’re on the way to 100 percent for the company. Google is going down the same road. The pressure is only going to build as the price of renewable electricity continues to fall.

That’s even more true as the consequences to society and to the future of human civilization become ever more apparent to people. Once questions are resolved into a choice between right and wrong, then the laws change. It happened with civil rights. It’s happening now with gay rights. It happened with apartheid and, in an earlier era, with abolition. And this is now being resolved into a question of right and wrong.

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