Al Sharpton: Cops Engaged In Smear Campaign Of Michael Brown By Release Of “Shoplifting” Video

August 19, 2014 7:44 amViews: 1108

Al Sharpton in Ferguson

As is usual in cases that the Reverend Al Sharpton parades himself into and stirs up trouble, truth and facts are never part of the equation. And if there is a material, hardcore, indisputable fact as in the video of Michael Brown strongarm robbing a convenience and liquor store, then the race baiting clown of a journalist Al Sharpton has to turn that on its head by calling it a smear campaign.

Since when is undeniable video evidence of you being involved in a robbery that directly relates to your character, a smear campaign? Oh, but the strongarm intimidation of a store owner and theft of $50 worth of cigars right in front of that owner wasn't a robbery according to Sharpton, it was shoplifting. Note to Mr Sharpton: shoplifters normally try to hide their crimes by concealing the theft in their pants or a big purse or bag, they don't normally reach behind a counter multiple times for the whole world to see.

The fact is, Michael Brown knew he had just robbed a store, even if the police didn't and you don't just get shot for walking down the middle of the street. No matter what the hatred stirring up Al Sharpton wants you to believe, you don't even get shot for robbing a store. However, you do get shot if you escalate the situation to the point of rushing a police officer instead of stopping like he or she asks you to. And even though you may be unarmed, the police officer doesn't know you are unarmed. How does he know you don't have a knife, or gun, or some other weapon?

More facts (something Al Sharpton absolutely hates) will come out in this case as to exactly when the officer knew he was dealing with a robbery suspect and not just a neighborhood troublemaker walking down the middle of the street. Of course those facts will not matter to Sharpton who makes his living and thrives off of exploiting the most racially charged situations he can insert his brand of hatred into.

Watch the video below...

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