Al Sharpton Dressed In Lab Coat Lectures ‘Right-Wingers Boiling Over With Denial’ On Global Warming

January 6, 2014 12:21 pmViews: 954

Al Sharpton - Global Warming Scientist

If the left wing State Run Media network of MSNBC trots out a scandal ridden, always screaming, discredited former Reverend in a lab coat and puts him in a goofy laboratory looking set, does that make him an instant authority on global warming all of a sudden?

Apparently MSNBC thinks that for low information voters that's all the authority it takes to make them buy into the nonsensical  and control grabbing lie of global warming which has morphed over the last 10 years, because the planet is cooling, into "climate change." Of course they throw in a few talking point, discredited statistics such as remember, "there’s a 90 percent probability that humans are the primary cause of global warming" or "97 percent of scientists agree" with global warming, to get their propaganda point across. Well, tens of thousands of scientists disagree with the so-called "current consensus" on global warming.

Al Sharpton makes a mockery of almost anything sane and bi-partisan every time he shows up on TV for an interview, speaks a word on his lunacy filled show or gives a hate filled speech at the latest race baiting event, but dressing him up in a lab coat and placing him in a ridiculous set is absurd even for MSNBC's non-existent standards. And then to have Sharpton say, "These right wingers are boiling over with denial" all while the United States is experiencing record cold temperatures in one of it's harshest winters in 100 years and 2 ships, 1 of them studying "global warming", are stuck in 10 to 15 foot thick ice in Antarctica, in the middle of the southern hemisphere SUMMER, just shows how utterly out of touch with reality MSNBC really is.

They couldn't be more absurd and irrelevant if they tried.

Read more below from The Blaze:

The Rev. Al Sharpton got all gussied up, donned a lab coat, and stood behind a nifty chemistry set to lecture the likes of Fox News, climate-change deniers, and the right wing in general on why global warming is a fact.

It happened as part of Sharpton’s “Politics Nation: Science Lab” segment on MSNBC Friday, using the arctic winter freeze besetting much of America this weekend as a springboard.

"These right wingers are boiling over with denial,” he said. “Just because it snows in winter doesn’t mean the planet isn’t getting warmer. Remember a UN panel said there’s a 90 percent probability that humans are the primary cause of global warming.”

“It sure doesn’t take much for the folks at Fox to hit their melting point. The results of tonight’s experiments are in. And we’ve deduced the right wing could use a new talking point.”

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