Al Sharpton Isn’t Happy, Wants Federal Civil Rights Charges Filed Against George Zimmerman

July 14, 2013 3:05 pmViews: 4611

Al Sharpton and Eric Holder

I knew right off the bat watching NBC's Meet The Press this morning was a bad idea when I found out Al Sharpton was going to be on it. The fact that this man who has been so discredited because of the Tawana Brawley case many years ago and a multitude of other scandals over the years would have any credibility whatsoever to give his opinion on an NBC News show and have his own show, is simply beyond the pale.

Of course Al Sharpton is not happy with the George Zimmerman verdict and now as he stated on Meet The Press this morning, he is calling for federal civil rights charges to be filed against Zimmerman. Whether that happens is anyone's guess, but with Sharpton's close association with Attorney General Eric Holder, we are pretty sure he will be bending Holder's ear about such charges.

The jury made its decision all the evidence and came to the conclusion many people did, they found Zimmerman not guilty. And if Holder, Obama and the Justice Department decide to bring federal charges against a man who has already been tried for a crime and found not guilty, that most certainly will not go over well with the American people.

Read more on Sharpton's appearance and comments on Meet The Press this morning from Mediaite below:

Al Sharpton told Meet the Press host David Gregory Sunday morning about his plans to pursue civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, following the latter’s acquittal Saturday night for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

“Clearly there are grounds for a civil rights charges,” Sharpton told Gregory.

Sharpton, a key figure in metastasizing the shooting into a national issue in March of 2012, said he and Martin’s family had planned from the beginning to ask for a federal investigation if Zimmerman was let go.

“The mother and father of Trayvon Martin and I with their lawyers met with the U.S. attorneys in Florida, the day I went down to organize the first rally there,” Sharpton said. “We always said there needed to be a Plan B, but there needed to be a Plan A.”

“I watched the whole trial, and no one can say what Trayvon Martin did wrong,” Sharpton argued. “‘They always get away with it,’ the gentleman said. Who is they getting away with what? That’s the basis of a civil rights trial.”

“Was this not a fair trial?” Gregory asked.

“The trial happened,” Sharpton said. “The verdict came in. That does not exhaust the legal options of this family, and the bigger community issue of civil rights. We now have a position on the books in the state of Florida where an unarmed teenager who committed no crime can be killed and the killer can say self-defense. That is dangerous…I think every American ought to be afraid that my child can do nothing wrong and can be killed and you can use self-defense and tell four or five different stories that end up being inconsistent and still walk away.”

Well Al Sharpton, the pictures of that are all over the net of George Zimmerman's broken nose and bloody face and head are pretty good evidence that Trayvon Martin did do something wrong.

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