Al Sharpton On Obama’s EXPANDED NSA Spying – ‘These Are Laws Put Into Effect Under President Bush’

June 11, 2013 8:33 pmViews: 2787

Uber Race Baiter Al Sharpton

The lunatic fringe on MSNBC is out in full force trying to defend the Obama presidency as it starts to implode. Never mind the fact that Obama can spout outright lies about what he promised while running for president versus what he has been able to deliver, Obama is supported by loyalists like Al Sharpton because he is the embodiment of the counter culture revolution of the 60's and a result of the absolute blindness of civil rights leaders of today. Since they were willing to take anything regardless of character to say they were a part of American electing its first black president, an empty suit of the lowest moral caliber in Obama is what they got.

In defense of Obama's complete and total expansion of anything that the Patriot Act ever was, sycophants like Al Sharpton engage in a never ending vilification of George W Bush. Bush and Bush alone is to blame for everything President Obama is guilty of. There is not one ounce of culpability for The Dear Great Leader Obama even though he railed against warrantless wiretaps of the Bush Cheney era, but is now all for them.

And in MSNBC's effort to remain relevant to their shrinking liberal viewership, they give race baiting frauds like Sharpton a platform to spew the utter nonsense that it is Bush's fault for the continued expansion of Barack Obama's spying on American's because of the Patriot Act implementation of more than a decade ago. What a disgrace Al Sharpton is. The only bigger disgrace is MSNBC for letting such a duplicitous shyster speak through any microphone on that network.

Read more on this story from below:

Rev. Al Sharpton said Monday that President Barack Obama is not to blame for the National Security Agency's secret surveillance program – former President George W. Bush is, because laws allowing it were enacted under his administration.

“These are laws put into effect under President Bush. There are plenty of Democrats who are upset about this too. I do not agree with the Patriot Act, but you can’t blame President Obama for it,” Sharpton said on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation.”

In 2009, however, Obama extended three provisions of the Patriot Act – allowing roving wiretaps, which would allow monitoring of an individual instead of a specific number; seizure of financial, medical, library and other records of suspected terrorists; and monitoring someone suspected of engaging in terrorism who may not be linked to a specific terrorist group, the Washington Times reported on Sept. 16, 2009.

A former CIA employee contractor recently leaked details of the NSA’s secret program collecting data on phone calls and Internet activity of Americans.

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