Al Sharpton Plans Apple Shakedown And Extortion For Not Having Any Blacks On Their Board of Directors

September 11, 2013 12:38 pmViews: 5887

Al Sharpton plans Apple shakedown

The Reverend Al Sharpton is gearing up to do what he does best, shakedown and extortion on another major American company. Reeling from a defeat in hoping to get George Zimmerman convicted of being attacked by Trayvon Martin, and with that issue fading into history, the vampire Sharpton needs new blood to feed his ever increasing lust to stir up trouble. The latest target and victim of Sharpton's ire is Apple and he is going to shake them down because they don't have any blacks on their board of directors.

Below is the transcript from what appears to be Sharpton's radio program where he is talking with Earl Graves Jr. who not only takes Apple to task for not having blacks on their Board, but is also mad at Apple for not spending any money on advertising in black media and supposedly not spending money with black firms for parts and supplies. Sharpton's big objection is that teh black community uses lots of Apple products from iPhones to computers, but supposedly Apple is not repaying the black community. Apparently the racist, trouble making Sharpton doesn't count jobs where African-Americans work at Apple doing everything from being managers, to engineers, programmers, assemblers, graphic artists, marketing and any other task that needs to be done as helping out the black community.

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Just maybe there aren't any black run firms Mr Sharpton who produce the highly specific and technical parts building a sophisticated computer requires. Apple may not use parts from any American Indian, or Icelandic, or Swedish, or Mexican run firms either, even though plenty of people with those ethnicities also use Apple products.

Why this man has any voice in the American media after nothing but years of chaos, extortion, criminal slander as in the Tawana Brawley case and hateful, racist intimidation is mind-boggling.

Read the transcript below and then watch the video after that to hear Sharpton's own rhetoric.

There are no blacks on 30% of Fortune 500 Board of Directors. Apple, where we spend a lot of money on Apple, they have a new I-phone coming out today. No blacks in Board of Apple. We buying up all this Apple stuff and can’t get a bite.

REV. AL SHARPTON : Ah now today the I-Phone comes out ah that is of course produced by Apple and Apple is one of those companies I mean we do a tremendous amount of business in our community with Apple, yet were not on their Boards and there is no evidence they’d a lot of advertising or a lot of contracting in our community, is that correct?

EARL GRAVES JR: That’s correct and I think you know it’s one thing to have the measurement being the people who are on the Board, but once a person’s on the Board then it’s really measuring four different things. And the key is what is the percentage of money that they spend in procurement that they’re spending with minority owned businesses, or African American firms? The second it what percentage of senior managers or direct reports are people of color? The third is what percentage of money that you spend are you spending with or directed to African American media. Of course the last is the Board of Directors. The part that is so shocking is that Apple, which is probably the best know of the companies basically strikes out against all four.


EARL GRAVES JR: They have no African American Directors in the company. They do little to no spending in African American media. They do little to no spending with in procurement with African American firms. And as you, as I quote you all the time, the corporate board not corporate board, but the ah corporation in the executive rank looks like the Himalayas.


EARL GRAVES JR: because the higher you go the whiter it gets.

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