All You Need To Know About Iran Nuke Deal: Hezbollah Terror Group Calls It A “Major Victory”

November 25, 2013 1:03 pmViews: 998

Hezbollah Terrorists love Iran nuke deal

When the Hezbollah terrorist group, which is responsible for untold violence in the Middle East and especially terrorism directed at Israel with the consistent firing of rockets into their country, comes out and says that the Iranian nuclear deal brokered by Sec of State John Kerry is, "a major victory" that is about all you really need to know.

If the terrorists of Hezbollah like what's in the Iran Nuke deal, by default it means it's neither a good deal for Israel, the United States or the rest of the world for that matter.

But since President Obama is more focused on leaving a legacy or some other hidden agenda we don't know about, just getting a deal, any deal, is what counts. It may be bad for the rest of the world for decades to come, but it has a chance to make Barack Obama look good and that's what the Obama presidency is really all about.

Read more below from the Washington Free Beacon:

Lebanon’s Hezbollah on Monday hailed a nuclear deal between its patron Iran and world powers as “a major victory” for Tehran.

The agreement, struck over the weekend, will see some sanctions that were imposed on Iran over its nuclear program eased in exchange for Tehran halting some of its most sensitive atomic work.

“What was achieved through this agreement is a major victory for Iran and to all the people of the region and it is a defeat for the enemies of these people,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

“(It is) a model victory and world class achievement which the Islamic state adds to its record which shines with victories and achievements.”

Israel, which has fought Hezbollah, denounced the nuclear deal as a “historic mistake”.

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