Ambassador Susan Rice On Sunday Talk Shows Lies For Obama Administration

November 19, 2012 3:26 pmViews: 5031

President Obama and his ever so corrupt administration just seem to be digging the hole deeper and deeper when it comes to Benghazi Libya. It has become utterly impossible to get anything even remotely approaching the truth from this bunch about the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans in Libya.

Just Friday, former CIA director David Petraeus testified in a closed door session that he knew right away that the attack on our Consulate in Libya was the work of Al Qaeda militants, yet the Obama administration kept the lie going for at least 2 weeks that the attack came as a result of the anti Islam video. Petraeus also commented that the original CIA talking points said it was a terrorist attack and that Al Qaeda was responsible. However, Petraeus also said these original taking points had been changed to delete the reference to terrorism and Al Qaeda.

One of the things President Obama did to keep the lie going was of course to send out US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice to go on 5 Sunday morning talk shows 5 days after the attack and tell everyone who would listen this was just a protest gone wrong based on that hateful video.

And now that Ambassador Rice has come under fire for perpetuating the lie, President Obama is defending her like a big brother with the story that she was only allowed to speak about unclassified information and that the fact it was a terrorist attack was classified at the time. So when did those CIA talking points get changed? They made it out the CIA door, but when they went through the White House and into Susan Rice's hands, they had been changed to reflect the lie.

Okay, got that. This is the lie that President Obama wants you to believe. Even though he knew all along it was a terrorist attack, instead of just not sending out anyone to talk about what happened in Libya, he sent Susan Rice out to 5 Sunday morning talk shows to spread a patently false story. Instead of telling the hosts and millions of Americans watching those Sunday talk shows that maybe, oh I don't know, this was an incident that was still being investigated and they couldn't talk about it in much detail, they decided to lie about it. They decide to make up a lie. They decided to give us a fairy tale. They decided to give us a story that was 100% baloney. They completely made it up. Realize, that's what they're trying to sell us now, a 100% lie.

So President Obama, why did the talking points get changed to say this wasn't a terrorist attack and why did you lie about what really happened in Libya? I think America wants to know the answer to those things because the blood of 4 dead Americans are on your hands.

Watch the video below of Susan Rice on Meet the Press saying this attack was the result of a hateful video, knowing all along it was a lie:

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