AP Concerned If Obama Can Have An “Uninterrupted Vacation”

December 22, 2013 1:09 pmViews: 934

Obama wants an uninterrupted Hawaii vacation

One AP reporter is pondering the question, "how can Barack Obama have an uninterrupted vacation”.

The simple answer of course would be, don't take so many people with you at a huge cost to taxpayers. You could start there Mr President.

It's not too much public information exactly how many people are in the Obama entourage taken to Hawaii, but they are taking Sam Kass for Obama to play gold with, Marvin Nicholson “trip director” (Really, Obama needs a trip director when there are already plenty of scheduling redundancies for the Dear Great Leader?), and prostitute solicitor Bobby Titcomb to play golf with as well.

Then there are the multiples of Secret Service agents, pilots, maintenance workers, servants and heavens knows who else the president and his family take along. We're pretty sure not so many of those people would help the president get interrupted a whole lot less.

Here we have millions spent on just one more lavish vacation for President Obama despite his incessant bashing of the rich with their corporate jets and all their money. By the way, Obama's 747 is one of the most costliest plane in the world to operate at a price tag of $182,000 per hour.

Read more below on Obama's vacation to Hawaii on taxpayers dime from the AP:

An ocean away from Washington worries, President Barack Obama opened his annual Hawaii vacation Saturday on a quiet note — and hoped it would stay that way for the next two weeks.

Every year, Obama and his family prepare to return to his birth state here on the sun-scorched shores of Oahu. And every year — until now — congressional squabbling has forced the Obamas to delay their trip.

This year, Obama was cleared for an on-time departure by Congress, which defied pessimistic expectations last week by passing a bipartisan budget deal, all but ensuring the government won’t shut down over the next two years. It was a far cry from presaging a new era of cooperation, to be sure, but a silver lining for Obama a day earlier as he acknowledged a year of frustrating “ups and downs” in an end-of-year news conference.

The president, first lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia, and first dogs Sunny and Bo hopped an overnight flight Friday aboard Air Force One to Honolulu, where they were whisked by motorcade to a beachside home in Kailua, a sleepy suburb with a five-mile stretch of beach popular among windsurfers and tourists.

The next morning Obama, typically an early riser, got a late start, staying at the home until early afternoon, when he headed to the golf course at a nearby Marine Corps base. Joining Obama for the round of golf were Sam Kass, the White House chef; Marvin Nicholson, Obama’s trip director; and presidential friend Bobby Titcomb, the White House said.

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