Appalling Cartoon Comparing Obama With Trayvon Martin A New Low For Liberals

August 6, 2014 3:53 pmViews: 1297

Obama Trayvon Martin cartoon

We all know that the mainstream media, especially MSNBC, is in the business of manipulation, but sometimes even these dyed in the wool Obama supporters go to far. The latest outrage is the cartoon above by Clay Bennett from Chattanooga Times Free Press and as you can see, it compares Barack Obama to Trayvon Martin.

With the political satire depicting George Zimmerman as Republicans pursuing an Obama impeachment and Obama pictured as Trayvon Martin in a hoodie. Of course these political cartoons are done for no other reason than to manipulate the low information voter. It was evident from most reports after Trayvon Martin getting shot for attacking George Zimmerman, that most supporters of Martin including professional agitator Al Sharpton, that the facts mattered little.

The same is the case from the cartoon above especially when you consider it is MSNBC, according to the chart below, that is obsessed with talking about an Obama impeachment when Republicans have pretty much taken that off the table. Just like so easily spewing the "racist" word, MSNBC is in another obsessive rant with impeachment.

FOX vs MSNBC Obama impeachment

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