Are You Against The Practice Of Sanctuary Cities?

August 30, 2017 2:44 pmViews: 359

Sanctuary Cities

Who else is tired of mayors of sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, breaking the law and allowing illegal aliens to be harbored in their cities, immune from federal prosecution and scrutiny?

When mayors are sworn in, they pledge to uphold the law and the United States Constitution and that means if there are illegal aliens within their state, those persons are subject to the laws governing immigration into this country. For a mayor of a city to ignore those laws and give safe harbor to people who are illegally in this country, makes those mayors, law breakers, plain and simple.

The dichotomy between the Obama administration going after former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpiao and prosecuting him for actually rooting out illegal immigrants, to now tolerating mayors who break the law and hide illegal immigrants is enormous. On the one hand we were going to essentially prosecute someone like Arpiao for upholding the law, while ignoring government officials who are breaking the law.

I'm not quite sure just how much more insanity we are capable of in this country.

Are You Opposed To Sanctuary Cities?Do you oppose sanctuary cities?

Posted by Rowdy Republican on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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