Atheists Sue To Remove Historical Phrase From United States Currency

September 16, 2013 1:27 pmViews: 6236

In God We Trust stays for now...

Thankfully a federal district court struck down atheists’ challenge to the United States’ motto being on our money this past week.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (they are already free to ignore religion, aren't they?) sued to remove the phrase, “In God, We Trust,” from all U.S. currency, meaning paper and coinage. We honestly can't figure out why it would even matter to someone who doesn't believe in God.

The lawsuit gained national attention when 41 members of Congress and 90,000 Americans opposed the suit and the new legislation proposed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The opposition hired the American Center for Law and Justice, ACLJ, to represent their case.

The ACLJ submitted a brief explaining to the court explaining that “In God, We Trust, the national motto simply echoes the principle found in the Declaration of Independence that our freedoms come from God and not the state.” You can't get any clearer than that as stated in the brief.

The court ultimately decided in favor of the ACLJ, finding the motto did not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, but we wonder if it is only a matter of time before this falls like so much else.

“The decision is welcomed and well-reasoned,” said ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow.

Do you support the ACLJ’s position to keep “In God, We Trust,” on American's currency?

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