Australian Cabinet To UN: We Reject Any Measures Of “Socialism Masquerading As Environmentalism”

November 11, 2013 9:57 amViews: 5794

Al Gore's hot air rejected by Australia Cabinet

Score one for the Aussies. Their Federal Cabinet has rejected outright the radical environmental agenda being pushed by the UN at this week's global summit on climate change (they changed the language here from global warming to "climate change").

The Federal Cabinet had to come up with a cohesive message from their government as a whole they would take with them to Warsaw Poland for the UN sponsored summit and their message was to reject any measures of, “socialism masquerading as environmentalism.”

We are pretty sure Barack Obama and Al Gore are looking on in horror as Australia has gone conservative on all this socialist pap being passed off as science.

Read more below from The Australian:

FEDERAL cabinet has ruled that Australia will not sign up to any new contributions, taxes or charges at this week’s global summit on climate change, in a significant toughening of its stance as it plans to move within days to repeal the carbon tax.

Cabinet ministers have decided to reject any measures of “socialism masquerading as environmentalism” after meeting last week to consider a submission on the position the government would take to the Warsaw conference.

A further document was produced after the meeting that outlines the government’s position.

The Australian has seen part of the document and it declares that, while Australia will remain “a good international citizen” and remains “committed to achieving the 5 per cent reduction” by 2020 of the 2000 levels of emissions, it will not sign up to any new agreement that involves spending money or levying taxes.

This rules out Australia playing any role in a wealth transfer from rich countries to developing nations to pay them to decrease their carbon emissions.

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