Awesome Anti-Obama Video Nails His Complete Lawlessness

December 9, 2014 2:02 pmViews: 2798

Obama's Lawlessness

By now, there could hardly be anyone outside the church of Obama who is unaware that Mr President has appointed himself a dictator. He has thwarted the law in so many different ways from the EPA, to the budget, to the military, to the defense of marriage, to bankruptcy law, to immigration law, it is disgraceful. And it is equally deplorable that the Republican congress has for the most part ignored him.

Let's hope the newly elected House and Senate do their duty after January 2015 and stand up to the power hungry and arrogant Commander In Chief. Otherwise, America is about to learn, the hard way, what happens when a militant Socialist is given any power.

Watch the anti-Obama video below and just get a feel for his utter and complete lawlessness...

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