Barack Obama Is A Liar: See VIDEO Of Him And His Admin In Their Own Words

June 4, 2013 12:45 pmViews: 27349

Barack Obama - Liar

What would it really take to convince liberals that President Obama is a liar? Of course when confronted with facts and the very words of Barack Obama and those in his administration, you would think that would be convincing enough, but unfortunately it rarely is for those of his followers who look to him with almost cult like devotion.

To be sure, every president in the modern era has told lies, that just seems to be part of the political process these days, but guess who is the president of the United States today and guess who is currently filling that process with lies? That would be none other than Barack Hussein Obama and he is the one responsible for the stream of scandal and untruths that daily emanate from his office.

Again, there is nothing more convincing that to hear liars lie in their own words and Glenn Beck has put together 3 videos of Obama and his minions doing just that. It is incontrovertible, it is fact, and it is direct from the source. What more do you need to convince you of the level of dishonesty from our current president we are dealing with today?

Read more from below and then watch the 3 videos after that.

Those who closely follow current events may often find themselves hearing a politician making a claim, but swearing they heard them say the exact opposite a month, a year, or even a decade ago.

That’s because, many times, they did.

Tuesday night on TheBlaze TV, Glenn Beck aired a segment documenting a number of apparent lies and falsehoods being pushed by the current administration, though he was clear that GOP leaders have done the same.

In the case of health care reform, for instance, President Barack Obama repeatedly promised that families who earn $250,000 a year or less would not see their taxes increases by “one dime” under his plan. But when his lawyers were arguing for the bill in front of the Supreme Court, they said the exact opposite to ensure its passage, arguing that all the new “penalties” are taxes.

“It’s important that you understand the lies that have been told thus far, because they’re only getting worse, and they’re only getting much more dangerous,” Beck warned.

Lies of Obama and his administration in their own words:

 The early lies of Barack Obama:

And even more lies from Obama and company dealing mainly with the IRS scandal and the Tea Party:

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