Bernie Sanders Will NOT Be President – Here’s Why In 5 Words

October 13, 2015 11:20 amViews: 2355

Bernie Sanders will never be-president

This exchange on Meet The Press between host Chuck Todd and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders pretty much sums up why Sanders will never be president.

I know this is bad news for Bernie supporters and will piss them off big time, but there are some good statistics that back this up in an article and chart from Gallup Polls that I link to below.

But first, here is the exchange that happened on Meet The Press this past Sunday and why Bernie Sanders just doomed himself as a presidential candidate with these 5 simple words...

Did you get that?

When Sanders was asked point blank if he was a capitalist he said, "No. I'm a Democratic Socialist." Now while Sanders supporters will hit the wall and go apoplectic with their, "It's Democratic Socialism, not Socialism" explanations and will start posting links to articles on Sanders stances on issues and to various Think Progress articles, the truth is, 60 percent of Americans don't really give a crap what the definition is, because it's a very minute difference.

How I basically boil down Socialism vs Democratic socialism is by this definition, Socialism is government taking your stuff at the point of a gun, Democratic Socialism is the government convincing people to vote for them so they can take your stuff at the point of a gun.

But the real definition of Democratic Socialism is this, "political democracy with social ownership of the means of production." Big deal. When you have "social ownership of the means of production" somebody still has to manage all the means of production and "social ownership" means government owns it, period. A vast majority of Americans, especially small business owners, don't think that's a good idea.

When 61 percent of Americans have a negative view of socialism, regardless of the Utopian way in which Bernie Sanders ans his supporters couch it, it will never fly with a political candidate who espouses that ideal. Socialism is on the bottom of the of list of least favorable candidates Americans would be willing to vote for.

Sorry you Sanders supporters, Bernie will never become president and these 5 words, "No. I'm a Democratic Socialist" doomed him to that fate.

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