Bill Clinton: Republicans Want You To “Check Your Brain At The Door”

September 17, 2014 11:53 amViews: 499

Bill Clinton Republicans check their brains at the door

Former president Bill Clinton is trying to get everyone to come together and play nice. Speaking at Democratic Senator Tom Harkin's annual steak fry fundraiser, Clinton remarked that it was necessary to “pull this country together to push this country forward”. He said that Republicans and Democrats alike must realize that they are interdependent, that they are “in this together” for the purpose of building a future for America, that they must cooperate rather than engage in conflict with one another. They were flowery words that seemed heartfelt, and dare one say it, even rang of truth.

Then Clinton himself turned partisan as Democrats usually do.

Bashing the very Republicans he had just got through saying had to be worked with, Clinton said: “Half the time, they’re not even running against their opponents. They’re trying to get you to check your brain at the door, start foaming at the mouth...The last thing they want you to do is think.” He even specifically targeted Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, calling him out for a statement he had once made that the passing of the McCain-Feingold bill – legislation targeted at increasing transparency in campaign financing - was the “worst day” of his political career.

Clinton then asked a series of absurd questions; what about 9/11, the financial meltdown, the farming crisis, and a number of other thoroughly irrelevant comparisons. Needless to say, the former president needs to learn to recognize hyperbole when he hears it; few people are speaking literally when they attempt to identify the best or worst experience of their personal or professional lives.

But in a larger sense, what does it say when someone makes an impassioned, near to inspiring speech about cooperation and a spirit of unity in politics, only to undermine himself by immediately bashing the ideological opposition? It seems honestly to go beyond mere hypocrisy. We are all used to politicians - especially Bill Clinton, frankly – to taking ardent positions at one point in their career and then abandoning them in favor of the exact opposite at another point, but in this case it appears that Clinton works against his own stated principles within the same speech.

More than failing to stay on target, can we even take seriously anything said by a man who preaches the transcendent value of teamwork and then himself descends into petty mudslinging? Take your own advice, president Clinton. You were once the leader of the free world; try leading by your own example.

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