Bizarre Theory Links Obama to Ancient Biblical Prophecy Painting a Sinister Picture for America

September 8, 2015 4:53 pmViews: 4894

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There is something extremely strange going on with everyday Americans...

You might have felt something during the last decade, a sensation of insecurity that comes and goes without any specific reason and according to a doctor in history and theology there is very good explanation for this. My wife and I have talked about this several times.

Dr. Nathan Shepard is convinced that these feeling of anxiety that have been slowly creeping up on the American public have little to do with terrorism or the economy.

“The economy has crashed several times it the past. Our security and freedom was threatened during World War II and during the cold war by forces much greater than terrorists. You must understand all of God’s creations have an inner intuition warning them of imminent danger”.

According to Dr Shepard's theory, this feeling is foreshadowing the greatest event of human history, and the warning signs are encrypted in the final chapters of the Bible.

“I have worked 17 years studying the ancient texts and all the hidden clues point into one direction: Obama will not finish his second term. The exact timetable is not shown, yet according to my research it must happen before the day our president officially leaves office”.

According to Dr. Shepard the church and other prophecy experts are fully aware of this as these signs have been identified as far back as 2009 but they chose to keep it under total secrecy.

What was amazing is how exactly the Biblical texts related to current day events. This was very disturbing and it seemed to fit together all too well.

As Dr. Shepard explained, “American families are not in the least bit prepared for this. We rely on FEMA and other state authorities completely and we all know how well that worked in the past. It didn't! That is why I think this warning must be taken very seriously.”

War Between Obama Putin?

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