Black Lawmakers Lament Increase In Racial Tensions Under Obama

August 26, 2013 2:58 pmViews: 4717

Obama is the problem

One would think if race relations in this nation are to ever be healed or at least on better ground, there has to be honesty as to what racism is and how to go about making that happen. The problem with working on a monumental task such as that is, there must be a leader to lay down their biases and agendas and move us in that direction. Their only agenda must be to promote healing between the races.

Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama is not that person. What was promised to us in Obama the candidate, has turned out to be a complete and utter failure in Obama the President. While he has done plenty to advance the liberal agenda and make his cronies in his own party happy, he has done little to nothing to heal racial tensions. In fact, he has done much more than his fair share to act on exactly what he decries the Republicans of doing, that would be moving us backwards.

Barack Obama's agenda has never been to heal racial tensions, his agenda has been and still is to score political points for himself and the Democrat party for generations to come. From almost the moment Barack Obama took office he has been on the forefront of dividing this nation. In reality it started to take place before he became President. What Obama did as a candidate (that was paid for by private contributions) in traveling around America talking about "spreading the wealth around" and the rich not paying their fair share at the expense of the poor, has now morphed into a full onslaught of cramming the progressive, liberal, race baiting agenda down the throats of Americans courtesy of their own tax contributions. For Heaven's sake, we can't even have a discussion about showing your ID to vote without members of the Obama fawning, liberal media calling it racist and, "downright evil."

From the, "[Cambridge] police acted stupidly" comment in the Henry Louis Gates Jr. case when Obama even admitted he did not have all the facts in the case, to the comment about Trayvon Martin when he said if he would have had a son, "he'd look like Trayvon,"  that is despite the fact that Trayvon had a serious school discipline problem resulting in him being expelled from school, had a drug problem, was caught with stolen property and was proven in court to have attacked George Zimmerman, Obama has consistently tried to divide us along racial lines.

It is interesting that Obama always seems to have a comment about situations that score points in the black community because it looks like whites are a fault (although Zimmerman is Hispanic), but when it comes to making a comment about the gang initiated and racially motivated killing of Australian college student Chris Lane by black thugs, all a deputy presidential press secretary can come up with is, “I’m not familiar with it, actually.”

Black leaders are rightly lamenting the increase in racial tensions under President Obama and if they ever hope to do anything about it, anything at all, they need to stand with Obama in front of a full length mirror and reflect on exactly what they see.

Read more below on this issue from The Hill:

When President Obama follows in Dr. Martin Luther King’s footsteps on Wednesday with an address at the Lincoln Memorial, he will face a nation where race remains the great divide.

Black lawmakers say the election of the nation’s first African America president has not been a salve for racial tensions, a view that the public has also voiced in recent polling.

While Democratic lawmakers place the lion’s share of the blame on Republicans for the state of affairs, they betray disappointment that more progress has not been made since the civil rights movement won its biggest victories.

Asked whether the overall trajectory of race relations has been positive or negative in recent years, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) paused for a moment.

“Right after the election of the president, I would have thought it was going in a positive direction, but I am not so sure anymore,” she said.

“I think we have lost ground as it relates to our tolerance of people who are different or people who we believe have not worked hard enough. You hear the language all the time on talk radio — the buzzwords, often primarily directed at low-income people and communities of color.”

And then later in the article one of our most corrupt politicians in Washington, Charlie Rangel, had this to say:

Many Democrats insist that the ferocious opposition to Obama has a racial component.

“How do you overcome it?” Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), a founding member of the CBC said, referring to racial inequalities. “We certainly haven’t done it with an African-American president.

“I saw the people who scream and shout about ObamaCare. I saw the hatred that was in people’s eyes. People are not being honest with themselves if they don’t realize that the roots of racism go deep, that we still have not been able to cut that cancer out of the side of America.”

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