BREAKING: The US Supreme Court Stops Obama’s Attempt to Become a Dictator

April 16, 2015 5:55 pmViews: 8785

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Once again, the Supreme Court of The United States has ended another attempt by the Obama administration to force Christian religious groups to pay for drugs for their employees despite it going against the beliefs of the organization or, as in the case of Hobby Lobby, the owners of a business.

Bunt this one was even bigger because it involved forcing religious groups in Pennsylvania to pay for their employees use of abortion inducing drugs.

Lori Windham, Senior Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, told Life News, "How many times must the government lose in court before it gets the message?" And she added, "Every time a religious plaintiff has gone to the Supreme Court for protection from the government’s discriminatory mandate the Court has protected them."

We are pretty sure the Obama administration is not happy about this. What do you think?

Read more from Life News below:

The Supreme Court issued an order today preventing the Obama administration from forcing religious groups in Pennsylvania to obey the HHS mandate that requires them to pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees. This is the fifth time the Supreme Court has rebuked the Obama administration and prevented it from making such a mandate.

In an order issued last night, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito prevented the federal government from enforcing its contraceptive mandate against a range of Pennsylvania-based religious organizations including Catholic Charities and other Catholic schools and social service organizations connected with the Diocese of Erie and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The Supreme Court has previously protected the Little Sisters of the Poor, Hobby Lobby, Wheaton College, and the University of Notre Dame.

According to the Becket Fund, Justice Alito’s order is similar to the preliminary order Justice Sotomayor provided to the Little Sisters of the Poor on New Year’s Eve in 2013. The group said order requires the government to brief the Supreme Court next week on why it should be allowed to fine these organizations for refusing to distribute abortion-inducing drugs and devices and other contraceptives.

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