Chicago Judge Who Battered Deputy Found Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity, Hopes to Return to Bench

February 8, 2013 8:05 amViews: 2722

Judge Cynthia Brim

No, we aren't making this one up even thought it is straight out of the bizarre files of our court system. Judge Cynthia Brim of Chicago, charged with assaulting a police officer by shoving him, has been declared not guilty, get this, by reason of insanity! What is even more astounding than the verdict is that the Chicago Tribune speculates, "The insanity verdict could aid the judge's effort to return to the bench." Yes, they actually wrote that in the article linked above.

This probably could not come from any other source besides the den of iniquity and corruption that is Chicago politics. Of course, Chicago voters are also responsible for this kind of foolishness as well and they apparently cannot see what criminals, mental patients and those declared by a court to be certifiably insane are doing to their city. Apparently at least, some of them are running the city.

Judge Brim was facing charges of battery last November during elections and amazingly, Chicago voters returned her to the bench even though she had been barred from entering the courthouse without a police escort for assaulting a deputy. But that is the least of Judge Brim's problems. The Judge has had so many problems, bar associations have been recommending she be removed from her $182,000 a year job since 2000. But low and behold, somehow the wonderful voters of Chicagoland can't see that there is a serious problem with the woman.

Judge Cynthia Brim has been hospitalized 5 times in the 18 years she has been on the bench for mental breakdowns. In 2004, Brim had to be physically carried off the bench after she froze while addressing her courtroom. She stood in front of the court mute until someone called paramedics. In her court case, psychiatrist Mathew Markos testified Brim was diagnosed years ago with a bipolar type of schizoaffective disorder, meaning she experiences delusions and hallucinations.

Chicago Prosecutors argued that Brim was "criminally responsible" for her actions last March when she chose once again to stop taking her medications and she ended up assaulting the deputy. "She made the choice, despite numerous hospitalizations, to go off her medications," Assistant State's Attorney Maria Burnett said.

So this is who the voters of Chicago elected. We have a woman who was facing charges of battery on a police officer, has a 12 year history of mental illness, has been hospitalized 5 times in that 12 year period because of her illness, and she could conceivably return to her position as a judge, a judge of others character and guilt. She has been certified as legally insane by a court of law, and she may return to judge others.

If this woman were to return to the bench and do something radical like take out a gun in her courtroom and start shooting, many would ask, why, what happened, why didn't someone do something about a woman who obviously did not have the mental ability to handle being a judge?

To not remove this woman permanently from the bench, from administering "justice" to others, is a slap in the face of the entire judicial system. Not only does it put people's lives who end up in court in jeopardy, it utterly undermines the social fabric of following a determined set of rules and laws. At the heart of it, society works only because people generally agree to follow the rules. If our court systems must endure certifiably insane judges, why should any of the rest of us follow rules set forth by our legislators, president, federal agencies, bosses, or any other rule making body?

Ms Cynthia Brim of Chicago should be removed permanently from any all duties as a judge for the betterment of society. If this isn't a clear case of the inmates running the asylum, we don't know what is.

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