Chicago Teachers Strike – Mayor Rahm Emanuel Faces True Liberalism

September 10, 2012 12:14 pmViews: 53


Former President Obama Chief of Staff and ultra liberal Rahm Emanuel is getting to see first hand liberalism run amok in his duties as Mayor of Chicago. With the Chicago teachers strike in its first full day of pickets and usual union silliness, Mayor Emanuel is getting to experience what is the height of liberal hypocrisy, entitlement and complete selfishness.

Chicago teachers have rejected a 4 year, 16% pay raise that will cost the school board, meaning Chicago area taxpayers, $400 million. And, this contract states that even if there are no funds to pay the teachers, the raises cannot be rescinded. To top all that off, at the end of the current school year, the Chicago school system currently faces a $1 billion deficit even after the district depleted reserve funds to shore up the 2012 budget.

And one little piece of information that might help put the Chicago teachers strike in perspective, Chicago teachers average $71,000 a year, the highest in the nation.

How much more evidence do you need to show that liberalism is a disease of utter selfishness and greed? In the face of a $1 billion debt, in the face of a 16% pay raise over 4 years, when the money isn't even there, in the face of a larger economic collapse looming in the United States, in the face of 400,000 Chicago area students roaming the streets and burdening some of their parents to stay home from work for who knows how long, these selfish liberal union thug teachers decide to strike.

We always hear the liberal mantra of tax the rich, stick it to the wealthy, stick it to greedy Wall Street investment people and privileged bankers but, given the opportunity to be selfish and accept a 16% pay raise, on top of their ridiculous $71,000 a year salary when there isn't money to pay them in the first place, or be even more selfish and strand students and parents for days or maybe even weeks, Chicago teachers pick the greater of the two evils and go for a level of selfishness not seen in decades in Chicago. Way to go!

Maybe some Chicago math teachers should get together and explain to their students how they get paid and how the whole show is supposed to keep running when there isn't enough money in the current system to fund it, much less to fund the generous 16% pay raise so arrogantly rejected by Chicago teachers.

I just have one question for you striking Chicago area teachers, what qualifies you to teach Chicago students when you can't even add up the numbers and figure out how utterly bankrupt the whole system is?

Economic collapse in 2012 is almost assured with this kind of nonsense.

Chicago Teachers Average $71,000 a year.

Chicago Teachers Strike first time in 25 years.

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