Chris Matthews: Republicans Have A “Primitive, Tribal” Rejection Of Obama Because He’s Black

November 6, 2013 12:38 pmViews: 3124

Chris Matthews is a loony

Chris Matthews needs to get a new line and a new act. His "Republicans are racist" and "conservatives reject Obama because he's black" routine is wearing a little thin. Unfortunately though, he doesn't seem to be letting up one bit despite MSNBC's ratings crash.

Not only is Matthews completely obsessed with race, he continues to push the envelope further and further past the boundaries of decency. His latest obsessive rant about Republicans came after this week's reelection of Governor Chris Christie in new Jersey. Matthews pointed out on MSNBC's "All In" that Christie is known for physical contact with President Obama, but on the other hand, Republicans in general have a "primitive, tribal" dislike of Obama because he is black. Matthews went on further to say most Republicans are not like Christie in that they don't want to be near him because they have a, "physical rejection of him as an African-American."

I'm just wondering how long MSNBC is going to remain relevant with such lunacy on their network.

Read more below on this story from The Daily Caller.

On a special election edition of MSNBC’s “All In” on Tuesday, “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews said that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had won re-election despite the fact that he has touched President Obama, whom Republicans usually reject on a “primitive…tribal” level.

“[C]hristie is known for physical — it seems so high school — physical contact with the president. We think of them not hugging or anything. They’re not bromance material or anything here, but they were actually walking together, been seen together. And then you have these terrible cases of people saying or somebody from South Carolina, I was ten feet from him the other day from the president and it made me sick. Or I told him to his face ‘I can’t stand looking at you,’ or ‘you lie’ — this almost physical rejection of him as an African-American, let’s be honest about it, whereas Christie hugs a guy, politically. You remember Charlie Crist gets knocked out of the Republican Party for physical contact with this president. It sounds so primitive, but it is tribal. The American system was to bring people together, not to break out into tribes and I think the Republican Party is doing that. Christie is not doing that. He is not tribal-ist. He doesn’t play that game.”

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