Chris Matthews Says The NRA Wants Felons, The Criminally Insane, And Wife Beaters To Have Guns

May 7, 2013 5:40 pmViews: 5198

Chris Matthews NRA Rant

There are days when one runs out of superlatives to use in describing the sheer idiocy and hyperbole that comes from left leaning media institutions such as MSNBC. When commentators such as the spittle mouthed Chris Matthews slobber out rhetoric so filled with inaccuracies and distortion of organizations that have been committed to a cause for more that 100 years, this all supported by a major TV network, it seems like no amount of accurate facts trying to expose such falsehoods is even worth the effort.

Never mind the NRA has been the leading teacher of gun safety for more than a century, or that they have an extensive record of supporting civil rights, or that they actually helped improve the National Instant Background Check System to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous criminals and the mentally ill, whatever half-baked, slanderous fantasy Chris Matthews hatches in his liberal imagination, the editors at MSNBC simply give him the green light for broadcast. Apparently nothing is too far down the road of delusion for that network's fact checkers and producers.

After the NRA Convention attended by a record crowd this past weekend, amongst other hallucinations, Chris Matthews commented that the very same organization that teaches gun safety to over 750,000 people a year wants to put guns in the hands of felons, the criminally insane, and wife beaters. Now, can't we have a simple disagreement about what causes violence in our society without such monstrous asininity from a professional news organization?

Here is what Chris Matthews, a supposed media professional, had to say about the NRA convention:

The NRA wants you armed, they want you carrying a gun, preferably in way that everyone can see. You know, like in the cowboy movies but better than cowboys, they don't want you walking into some saloon trusting some damn side arm. They want you armed for God's sake. No man should be without a semiautomatic handgun or rifle.

Without an assault weapon in your hands, you're not really an American. A true American is ready at all times to fight this country's elected government if it gets out of line. This is the NRA's America. Guns for everybody. Gun shows for anyone who wants to buy one, and ladies and gentlemen, that means anyone, felons, criminally insane, wife beaters. By God, you stick by the NRA, you'll never have a problem getting your hands on any deadly firearm, any one you'd like.

This NRA creed, by the way, it's all what I'm saying now, is the de facto platform of the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln. Guns killed Lincoln, killed James Garfield, killed Mckinley, almost killed Ronald Reagan. All that's forgiven now by the NRA infested Republican party. Today the leaders of the Republican party marched in lock step behind the banner of Wayne Lapierre and no Democrat need apply.

Watch the video below and see Chris Matthews himself spew his delusion:

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