Chris Matthews Suggests Jane Fonda Could Be Killed By A Drone Strike From Right Wingers Like Dick Cheney

March 8, 2013 8:24 amViews: 1188

Chris Matthews Jane Fonda done strike

Even though "right wingers" are not in charge of the military at the present time, liberal MSNBC mudslinger Chris Matthews suggests that "somebody pretty far on the far right like Dick Cheney" could target a Hollywood lefty like Jane Fonda with a drone strike. Presumably, Chris Matthews cooked up this alternate reality fantasy by listening to some of what Senator Rand Paul said in his marathon filibuster on CIA Director John Brennan.

Never one to shy away from his own left wing conspiracy theories, Chris Matthews probably didn't get the message that Republicans and "right wingers" are not running the military because that is the job of the Commander In Chief who is at present, Barack Obama. More than any other member of the State Run Media, "Tingles" Matthews has the ability to construct straw men arguments (more like hallucinations) that bear little resemblance to what is currently happening in the news.

To even suggest such a delusion that a right wing politician like Dick Cheney could one day target Jane Fonda with a drone strike because of what Rand Paul said, proves that Matthews is hardly in touch with his faculties. Since President Obama is ultimately in charge of all our military hardware and his drone program is responsible for killing hundreds of innocent people , including children, and it is questionable what his policy on using them in the United States really is, Chris Matthews suggestion is lunacy not befitting any resemblance connected to actual news.

Read the transcript below of what Matthews said and then watch the video after that for your daily does of liberal insanity:

"There is a possibility somewhere out there on the edge that a tough– not going to say he did it– but somebody pretty far on the far right like Dick Cheney…will push this thing too far? Do you think it’s possible that a Jane Fonda could be targeted even by the most right-wing American politician we can imagine?”

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