Chris Rock Says Obama Is Your Boss And Your Daddy

February 6, 2013 4:43 pmViews: 3895

Chris Rock Obama is your Daddy!

Whenever we have a national tragedy, all of a sudden our celebrities become experts, philosophers and spokespersons, not because they are actually qualified for those positions in any way, they just get that status because they are famous. In fact, they may be quite ignorant about the topics they bloviate on, but that doesn't matter, they act real good in a movie.

With everybody calling for more strict gun control and much of that being blatantly unconstitutional, lawmakers feel the need to invite these  gas bags we call celebrities to Capitol Hill and have them give their 2 cents worth of nothing. Chris Rock was one of those celebrities invited to spew his nonsense and he encouraged us to listen to President Obama on gun control because he is "our boss" and Barack and Michelle are "like our mom and dad" therefore we should listen to them.

Unfortunately, this is typical of non-thinking famous people who are just being used as a tool to advance an agenda as they encourage others to blindly follow President Obama without even thinking.

Watch the video below for Chris' unbelievable comments. There are other celebrities besides Chris Rock in it, but it will start where Chris begins speaking:

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