Chuck Norris Accuses Obama of Criminal Treason For This!

June 10, 2015 1:06 pmViews: 1276

Chuck Norris vs Barack Obama

Chuck Norris is know for his touch guy roles in movies and especially his series, Walker, Texas Ranger, but Chuck is also a staunch defender of American values and a patriot. That being said, he recently wrote a powerful op-ed, which focuses on Obama’s dealing with Iran about nuclear arms and imprisoning Americans including former US Marine, Amir Hekmati and Christian pastor, Saeed Abedini for doing nothing more than starting a house church.

And, as Chuck notes, the other story hardly being reported is worse than Obama's wimpy compromising with Iran in secret nuclear negotiations. What’s most important at the present time is Iran's human rights violations and them refusing to release American citizens from illegal arrest and imprisonment. And Obama, our pathetic Commander in Chief, is allowing these 2 Americans and more to sit and waste away in dirty Iranian prisons.

Why there is not more outrage about this from Obama, to the State Department, to Congress, we will never know, but there is no doubt, this is outrageous behavior on the part of our president.

Read part of Chuck's op-ed at below:

Despite a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that revealed 70 percent of Americans doubt any deal can stop Iran from producing a bomb, President Obama called it, “a good deal that meets our core objectives” and will cut off Tehran’s path to a bomb.

But Middle East leaders couldn’t disagree more.

Recently re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hit the nail on the head: “Such a deal doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb, it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.” [...]

And what does the U.S. get from the deal? Empty Iranian promises to allow international inspection teams to examine its nuclear facilities. But when Iran refuses snap inspections as a part of the nuclear agreement, do we really believe it won’t delay inspectors to play the nuclear shell game? [...]

I would bet most Americans don’t even know that U.S. citizens are being unjustly imprisoned in Iran based upon faulty grounds and charges. And to boot, one is a pastor, one is a journalist and the other a U.S. Marine!

Talk-show host and Marine veteran Montel Williams has recently fanned the flames for the release of Amir Hekmati, an Iranian-American former Marine jailed in Tehran.

Montel explained to Greta Van Susteren: “He had to get a passport to fly in Iran to see his dying grandmother. Two months after on the ground, they arrest him and charge him. He is not an Iranian. He is a United States citizen. But the Iranian government is treating him as if he is Iranian just because he has Iranian blood. So he had to go through this process of denouncing and renouncing his Iranian citizenship to see if he can get another government like Pakistan or somebody to step in to see if they can help him, which I think is really ridiculous.”

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