Chuck Schumer: No Immigration Reform By August, Obama Can Do Whatever “He Feels Necessary”

May 14, 2014 4:04 pmViews: 949

Chuck Schumer immigration reform

Not only is what President Obama is doing, illegal in his recess appointments and changing Obamacare just to name a few violations of the Constitution, but there are members of the Senate prompting him to directly act in such a lawless manner.

Senator Chuck Schumer has now come out and said that if immigration reform is not passed by August, President Obama “would be more than justified” in making “whatever changes he feels necessary” to push forward a fix in the immigration system.

The only reason a "fix" is needed in the system is because fools like Schumer have not been doing their jobs and insisting that current immigration laws be enforced. Instead of allowing even any disagreement on the current lawless form of reform President Obama is asking for, Schumer in one fell swoop demonizes Rep Steve King simply because he opposes amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants, while Schumer also emboldens President Obama to act like a dictator ignoring both the Congress and the Constitution.

Mr Schumer has forgotten that pat of his job as a legislator is to keep a check on the President of the United States, not to flat out encourage him thumbing his nose at our founding document and principles.

Read more below from CNS News:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday named Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) as the main Republican impediment to “immigration reform” in the House of Representatives.

It’s the second time in two weeks that Schumer has demonized King for opposing amnesty for 11 million people who came to this country illegally.

“It is time for the House Republican leadership to decide whether they stand with the majority of the American people and the supposed majority of their conference, or if they’re really going to let Steve King continue to dictate the policy of the Republican Party on immigration. Just to be clear, right now Steve King is winning,” Schumer said.

Schumer also set an August deadline for House Republicans to pass an immigration bill; and he said if nothing is done by then, President Obama “would be more than justified” in making “whatever changes he feels necessary” to fix the system for people who are “unfairly burdened.”

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