Cincinnati IRS Office Lets Pro Obama Union Group Escape Tax Exempt Scrutiny

June 21, 2013 9:19 amViews: 1258

IRS Cincinnati Office

Liberals try to get around the IRS targeting of conservatives scandal by saying that the groups targeted deserved it because they were engaged in political activities so, there really is no story here. For convenience sake they seem to simply ignore the fact that there has not been a single liberal or democrat group to come forward with a testimony of IRS harassment despite the hundreds of Conservative groups claiming extra scrutiny and outright harassment.

Conversely, there seems to be an ever increasing amount of political groups on the left that are engaged in more than their fair share of partisan activity designed to benefit one candidate over another. One of the biggest groups engaged in that kind of activity is none other than Barack Obama's own political action organization, Organizing For Action. They are a 501c4 tax exempt group just like most of the conservative groups being targeted, but you can bet your last dollar OFA isn't getting the scrutiny they deserve.

Of course, there are also plenty of pro Obama union groups like the one mentioned below from a Fox News article. But the interesting thing about this one in particular is that it comes from the same Cincinnati based office that gave extra scrutiny to conservative groups while that same office ignored clearly partisan activities of the Restaurant Opportunities Center has been ignored, even after their activities were brought to light in a complaint filed against them.

Read more from the Fox News article below:

The Restaurant Opportunities Center has slipped IRS scrutiny, and critics of the nonprofit are asking why.

A complaint filed by a coalition of restaurant owners with the federal tax authority alleges the 501(c)(3) labor nonprofit has received special treatment.

Florida Watchdog has obtained a copy of ROC’s tax exempt acceptance letter, dated June 1, 2010, and approved by Robert Choi, director of exempt organizations at the Cincinnati office of the Internal Revenue Service.

The Cincinnati office is blamed for much of the harassment and delay tactics incurred by conservative groups applying for similar tax exempt treatment, which is no fault of ROC.

What is of concern, according to a coalition of restaurant owners and workers calling itself the Restaurant Opportunities Center Exposed, is the multi-state “union front” continues to slip by the watchful eye of the IRS.

“It does raise the question of whether they’re receiving a pass because they’re ideologically in line with the administration. But we’ll have to see if the IRS will now investigate. We’ve presented them with some pretty strong documentation of lobbying and we’ve juxtaposed that with filings the IRS already has in their possession,” said Mike Paranzino, communications director for ROC Exposed.

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