Citgo Lowers United States Flags To Honor Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez

March 8, 2013 12:15 pmViews: 1228

American Flags half staff for Hugo Chavez

In an attempt to show respect for dead President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Citgo, owned by the South American country, flew its flags at half staff outside its Houston, Texas and Lake Charles, La., offices on Wednesday, sparking outrage from passing motorists. Usually such an honor is reserved for American citizens and hero's dying while in service to the United States, so it is somewhat of a mystery as to why such an honor would be given to a Socialist dictator.

Citgo told a local Houston TV station on Wednesday that it would lower its flags, including the American flag, for Dictator Chavez. The oil company said it would release a statement later in the day on the death of Chavez and their flag lowering, but a request for comment from was not immediately returned and no word on the statement has been heard so far.

The late Venezuelan Socialist dictator died Tuesday afternoon at the age of 58 after a long and arduous two-year battle with cancer undergoing multiple operations and an apparent recovery, only to lapse back into full blown cancer again. Chavez's funeral is being held today in the capital city of Caracas. The funeral is expected to draw leaders from all over the world including Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and a small delegation from the United States.

Watch the video below From Fox News about the lowering of American flags for Hugo Chavez:

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