City Of Orlando Florida Doesn’t Want vegetable Garden In Man’s Front Yard

November 13, 2012 4:16 pmViews: 108

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, this goes beyond any party lines and shows what an ever encroaching government is capable of. Things like this have been happening all around the country, but since this story comes from only an hour away from where we live, it is a little closer to home.

It seems as though the City Of Orlando Florida is unhappy that a local man in College Park has a vegetable garden growing in his front yard. And you would think with all the vociferous ranting about climate change and the world not being green enough, municipalities would want the citizens to be planting all kinds of things in their yards. Apparently that isn't the case with Orlando FL because they say that Jason Helvenston has violated code because his garden is a "failure to maintain ground covers." Of course there isn't really any definition as to what a ground cover is so Jason is fighting the notice the City gave him on November 7th telling him to remove the garden.

Here's what our local channel 2 NBC station has to say about it:

The city of Orlando has ordered a College Park man to get rid of the vegetable garden in his front yard, calling it a code violation.

Jason Helvenston said he never dreamed his garden would get him in trouble, and he is refusing to get rid of it.

He said the garden saves his household hundreds of dollars in groceries, and it's a source of pride.

The city left a notice on Helvenston's door saying the garden showed "failure to maintain ground covers." The notice said to dig up the garden by Nov. 7 or actions would be taken.

Helvenston said he thought the notice was a joke at first.

Now, he's trying to get clarification on what exactly "ground cover" is.

"It is hard times. We need good healthy vegetables, and this is how we are doing it, and there shouldn't be anything illegal about it," Helvenston said.

A friend's Facebook campaign got Helvenston's fight featured on, and he has a petition drive going.

"I think the government has a lot better things to do than wasting time with my vegetable garden," he said.

I think we can all agree that the City of Orlando has completely missed the spirit of the law in this case and they are thinking they are fulfilling some mandated duty by trying to enforce the letter of the law. Why is it that many government officials just can't see beyond their ridiculous bureaucracy? Hopefully, Orlando city officials will see the ignorance of their ways and leave this guy be as he tries to provide food for his family.

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