Classic Obama Gaffes All In One, What The Adoring Media Will Not Show You (VIDEO)

August 10, 2013 10:14 pmViews: 9196

Don't tell Obama gaffes

This is the gaffe prone side of Barack Hussein Obama that the main stream adoring media does not want you to see. Obama needs a teleprompter and monitors to talk to an elementary school classroom and he has had problems figuring out the number of states there are and where exactly the Gulf of Mexico is located. These are all examples we would have heard all about had George W Bush uttered them.

Granted, everybody makes mistake and says stupid things, but the main stream media while they were unmerciful in their criticizing and repeated showing of Bush gaffes and have crucified people like Sarah Palin and George H W Bush's Vice President Dan Quayle for dumb things they have said, the liberal media chooses to ignore Obama and the absolute whoppers he has come out with. So, for you viewing pleasure we have found a YouTube video with more than 5 minutes of Obama gaffes and not so brilliant quotes that the State Run Media doesn't really want you to be aware of.

Watch the video below and enjoy the comedy:

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