Climate Change Loony James Hansen Claims Americans Have A “Constitutional Right To A Safe Climate”

December 9, 2013 11:29 amViews: 97

James Hansen climate change loony

Sometimes liberals are so mixed up in their twisted beliefs, they fail to see the irony of their ways. Take former NASA scientist James Hansen for instance, Hansen is suing the federal government because they have not adequately protected planet Earth from the effects of climate change, which according to Hansen and those bringing the suit is a, "Constitutional right." Yes, they believe Americans, and especially the young, have a "constitutional right to a safe climate."

Well let's just add another constitutional right to that founding document that our forefathers never had any intention of including. Along with the supposed constitutional rights to kill babies, have constitutional rights even if you are an illegal alien, marry whoever you want including members of the same sex, children, animals and more than one spouse and of course the right to vote even if you cannot prove who you are, we now have a constitutional right to a safe climate.

Our Constitution has been so diluted by the liberally infected left in trying to cover every right, it is hardly effective to cover those rights specifically mentioned in it, like the right to keep and bear arms.

And how ironic that the federal government who paid for a career through NASA for Hansen where he could build his climate change ideals and the only entity that can continue to waste American tax dollars on Hansen's foolish pursuits and spew propaganda for him, is now being sued by him.

Read more from James Hansen, Climate Change Clown via CNN:

Science has brought us incredible gifts: life-saving vaccines and clean water, air travel and instant communication.

Modern life is built upon the knowledge that the scientific community has gathered and that society — markets, governments, workers — put to use. We have our ancestors to thank.

But will our descendants thank us? Have we put to good use the knowledge we are gaining today to help those who will come after us?

That question is now before one of the highest courts of the United States. As a scientist who has spent the past half-century documenting how mankind is fundamentally altering our climate, I fear that unless the courts understand the threat and require the government to produce a plan of action, the answer of history could be damning.

In a new study, I and my co-authors make indisputably clear what the world’s scientists have increasingly warned: Our climate is changing, and the impacts are growing. The changes harm humans and threaten other life on the planet.

Our study, published in the prestigious peer-reviewed science journal PLOS-ONE, was written in support of a lawsuit against the federal government. The plaintiffs are young people, those to whom we are handing an increasingly warmer and destabilized planet.

They argue that they have a constitutional right to a safe climate, that they have a right to receive from us a planet that supports all life, just as our forebears gave us. It is correctly a legal argument, but it relates to a fundamental moral question.

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