CNN: Obama Admin Trying To Silence Insurance Companies From Discussing ObamaCare Problems

November 2, 2013 1:09 pmViews: 4452

Obama is a thug

Don't think the Obama administration is uses intimidation tactics to keep the criticism down on the disastrous Obamacare rollout? The video below is a CNN report that the Obama administration is working behind the scenes to keep insurance companies quiet about criticizing the Obamacare program.

Here is a partial transcript:

ANDERSON COOPER: Now more breaking news, evidence that the Obama administration is leaning on insurance companies to keep a lid on problems with the healthcare law rollout. Now Drew Griffin on CNN’s investigations did the reporting. So Drew, What’s going on here, what have you learned?

DREW GRIFFIN: Anderson, what’s going on is behind the scenes attempt by the White House to at least keep insurers from publicly criticizing what is happening on this Affordable Care Act rollout. Basically, if you speak out, if you are quoted, you’re going to get a call from the White House, pressure to be quiet. Several sources tell me and my colleague Chris Frates that insurance executives are being told to keep quiet.

Bob Laszewski who heads the Health Policy Strategy Associates, a consulting firm for big insurers, and an outspoken critic of ObamaCare, says he is getting calls from these executives who want him to speak out, Anderson, for them about the problems because they feel defenseless against the White House PR team. Laszewski told me today, “The White House is exerting massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations, to keep quiet.” Sources telling us they fear White House retribution.

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