Colorado Apartment Complex Tells Gun Owners To Get Rid Of Guns, Then Reverses Ban

August 8, 2013 6:07 pmViews: 1120

Colorado apartment complex tries to ban guns

The management company of an apartment complex near Denver Colorado by some wild hair of a notion decided they did not want renters of one of their complexes to posses guns inside their apartments. So the manager of the complex sent a notice to every resident stating they had a new rule that would ban all firearms from the premises.

However, this move was so controversial that the owners of the complex were immediately notified as well as the Douglas County Housing Partnership who took swift action to get the measure overturned. The main problem with this move was quite obvious in that the move by the management company was a direct violation of individual rights and blatantly unconstitutional.

We don't know where the management company got the idea they could so brazenly violate someone's constitutional rights, but they did so and basically told residents of the apartment to comply with the rule or move out. Thankfully the Douglas County Housing Partnership saw the obvious problem and remedied it, but what's next and where else are people's right being violated like this because someone thinks they have more power than they really do.

Read more on this story from The Washington Times below:

An apartment community just south of Denver has thrown out a controversial gun policy after renters complained it violated their Second Amendment rights.

The manager at Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock sent a notice to renters last week advising them of the new rule banning all “firearms and weapons” from the premises, an NBC affiliate reported.

Residents initially had until Oct. 1 to comply, that is, until the story made national news.

The Douglas County Housing Partnership, a multi-jurisdictional housing authority, held an emergency board of directors meeting late Wednesday afternoon to discuss the policy, the station reported. They decided that it will not go into effect.

“These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff,” a Douglas County Housing Partnership release said.

“This board does not support any action that infringes on an individual’s rights and will not allow Ross Management to implement these changes. The mission of the Douglas County Housing partnership is to preserve and develop safe, secure, quality housing while providing housing choices for those who have few.”

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