Conservative Jim DeMint: Al-Qaeda Bigger Threat Than Before 9/11 Because Obama Is Weak

August 5, 2013 1:51 pmViews: 2900

Obama is a weak president

If Al Qaeda is "on the run" like President Obama used to say, why are we closing many of our embassies world wide for a week or more with the threat of a large scale terrorist attack? It sounds like it is the United States that is more on the run than any terrorist group is.

Well, as former Senator and now head of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint says it is because of the perceived weakness of the current administration we have. When after the initial Benghazi attack the Obama administration sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice on 5 Sunday talk shows to tell the world our Consulate got attacked and our Ambassador got killed because of a protest over a video, you know the rest of the world views us as weaklings.

As a country we seem to have lost our resolve to take care of the situation like we did in World War II. With our current president, he simply placates the enemy and forms partnerships with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood instead of realizing that groups like that are ultimately our foe.

Read more on Obama's weakness from Breitbart below:

On Fox News Sunday, Heritage Foundation President and former South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint said Al Qaeda “may be more of a threat to us than they were before before 9/11″ because they perceive President Barack Obama to be a weak president.

While agreeing with the Obama administration’s decision to close embassies throughout the Muslim world on Sunday due credible threats, DeMint said America’s enemies have been emboldened.

“Our attempt to placate parts of the world… is clearly not working,” DeMint said. “The perception of weakness in the administration is encouraging this type of behavior.”

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol acknowledged on the panel that though Obama said that Al Qaeda was on the run a year ago during the 2012 campaign, “we seem to be on the run” now.

DeMint emphasized that “there is a perception of weakness of this administration. The instability around the world is clearly related to at least a perception of the lack of resolve of the United States.”

“I’m not questioning what the president is doing here,” DeMint said, noting that Obama should be “overcautious” after receiving information about potential threats. But DeMint asserted that groups like Al Qaeda have been emboldened by the perception that the “United States does not have the will to act.”

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