Conservatives Are Not The False Prophets, It is The Liberal Media And Their Agenda

November 12, 2012 12:59 pmViews: 203

Conservatives, Republicans, the right wing, whatever you want to call them, they are all being taken apart now by liberals and the main stream media for being so wrong on the election. And yes, I have to agree, some conservative pundits like Dick Morris got it terribly wrong, but the real false prophets here is not the republicans, it is the main stream media for convincing a nearly soulless nation that Barack Obama is their savior and that he can somehow lead us to the promised land. And I'm not sure there isn't a whole lot of election fraud going on in swing states as well.

Yes, the false prophet here is the main stream media. They have completely brainwashed the American public by feeding us the liberal agenda for decades and they were out in full force this election cycle that may spell the beginning of the end for our nation. How could they NOT have had an effect on the outcome of the election? How could they not have swayed what voters thought of their constant reporting of Romney gaffes, when they almost never reported on Biden gaffes as he was making them on a daily basis?

And excuse me, but the voters are not a little bit responsible here for their uninformed choices? In what was probably the saddest display of supporting a minority candidate at all costs, Jesse Jackson Jr. won his re-election bid to Congress by a landslide, by a landslide mind you, despite the fact that he has been absent from Congressional duties for 6 months because of mental and legal issues and now 5 days after his win, he is working on a plea deal that will likely send him to jail. Any voters in Mr Jackson's district that just don't get it, do you think?

Obama voters have elected a fool and as they celebrate a supposed victory they are dancing on their graves. The media just ignored the truth about the economy, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, border security, Iran, oil production, you name it, they swept it under the rug. And do you think since Obama won, those things are just going to magically disappear? They are all still out there and are knocking on the door of Congress and the White House. The world still faces serious threats that are looming on the near horizon.

Get ready for reality to sink in people because economic collapse is coming and the fun is only beginning!

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