Creator Of Obamacare Ezekiel Emanuel: Website “Just Like Google And Facebook”

December 2, 2013 2:25 pmViews: 527

architect of Obamacare Ezekiel Emanuel

Why not send out the creator and main architect of Obamacare Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel) to go on the Sunday talk shows to give a non-partisan assessment of how well the website is working. That should be a fair and balanced approach to getting straight information on whether or not the Obamacare website is actually "fixed" shouldn't it?

Would you expect anything else from Meet The Press on the most liberal and biased network in existence, that of NBC? Of course not. it doesn't matter how dismal is preforming and the embarrassingly small number of people signing up for the President's healthcare plan, you know the Obama administration will put a positive spin on it.

So what was Emanuel's excuse for the crappy rollout? He said this was just a normal tweaking on the joke of a website, "just like Google and Facebook and all the internet sites are constantly tweaking their sites."

Yes, but Mr Emanuel, Google and Facebook actually work and handle billions of page views a day and they weren't launched into a unmitigated catastrophe that teh Obamacare website was.

The incompetence, and then the propaganda to cover it up, in the Obama administration is truly staggering.

Read more below on this story from Politico:

Ezekiel Emanuel, a former top health care adviser to President Barack Obama, said on Sunday the Obamacare site has made “good enough progress” since its botched Oct. 1 rollout.

Emanuel, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, responded on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to the administration’s Sunday announcement that it has now been able to make the website work for the “vast majority” of users. Emanuel said he thinks the website is now, two months after the disastrous kickoff, “certainly working reasonably well.”

“I think it’s good enough progress,” he said. “Clearly, just like Google and Facebook and all the internet sites are constantly tweaking their sites, constantly improving them, this one still has a ways to go. But it is certainly working reasonably well.”

“I think, actually, we are going in the right direction, and for the first time, most importantly, we actually have effective management overseeing,” Emanuel said.

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